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Frequently Asked Questions?

I teach to the point, what is exactly asked in competitions. I do not teach any extra point. In theory I start from zero  level and reach up to the top level of competition. Physics is subject of concepts. Concepts are limited and problems are unlimited. So I always focus on clearing the concepts. Once the concepts are clear you can solve any logical/relevant and syllabus problem as per your calibre. In the first round you can’t solve all level problems. So don’t panic. Don’t chase too many problems. Whatever I have taught you in the class keep on revising that (conceptually). With every revision your problem solving ability will improve. Just before two- three months of the actual exam you will be able to solve almost all level logical/relevant and syllabus problems as per your calibre.

First seven classes are free in all batches. So you can consider those as our demo classes.

This is the beauty of online classes. You can watch recorded classes as per your convenience. There is no difference in live or recorded videos. Almost 50% of my students watch recorded videos. But always watch in a systematic order. Other rules are same.

Try to take admission in your nearby school where extra curricular activities and home work (specially in 11th and 12th) are almost negligible. Where school hours/days are minimum and where main focus is PCM/PCB and where syllabus of PCM/PCB is completed 100%. After choosing this type of school, attend all classes regularly and sincerely. I assure you that by doing this and attending my classes you will never face any problem in school. As far as NCERT book is concerned: You just see the proofs, definitions and problems of NCERT or any other book prescribed by your school teacher. Rest all is covered in our classes. Board doesn’t matter in competitions although CBSE is preferred. Distance of the school from your house is more important, so that travelling time should be least.

Physics for competition is same for all, whether you join in class-11, class-12 or you are a dropper. The only difference is, if you are a dropper you have gone through the course at least once. You take subscription of both: class-11 and class-12. You can watch recorded versions in speed 1.25x or 1.5x as per your comfort. If you can manage you can also attend live lectures. Rest all other instructions are same.

All Logical/relevant and syllabus problems of NCERT/HCV/Irodov/IIT Previous Years’/and all known books are already covered in my classes or my books. So you need not to worry for that.

Start doing problems when one chapter is completed in the class. In the beginning you will have less number of problems. But later on when number of chapters will increase you will have enough number of questions and it will be difficult for you to meet the daily target. So keep patience and let the chapter finish. Because in some of the problems there will be mixed concepts of whole chapter and may be possible that some of the topics are not completed in the class when you start practising . This will unnecessarily waste your valuable time.

No problem at all. Better late than never. If you take our subscription, then recorded classes will be available to you. So come live only after completing your backlog. There is no difference between live and recorded classes. Before joining my classes go through each and every point given in the website. First watch free classes and then only pay the fees. Because fees once deposited will not be refunded under any circumstances. This is not because we want to charge you fees with the intention of not returning. But technically it is very difficult to manage the records.

Nothing is perfect in life. If you compare offline classes with online classes, then online classes have lots of benefits over the offline classes. Option of watching recorded versions, zero travelling time, you can select best faculty of different subjects from PAN India, economical, you can manage your own time table, in school exams you can reduce number of lectures and in holidays you can increase them etc. Some parents argue that in offline classes you interact with other students and you get an atmosphere of class. My view in this is different. In junior classes or even for school studies, no doubt interaction is good. It makes your personality. But in competitions you need 100% concentration in class. In online class it is possible. Nowadays with advancement in technology online classes are also very interactive. In offline classes some shy nature students don’t ask their doubts. In online classes they do.

There are basically three types of doubts?
Theory doubts, problems doubts and general doubts.
Theory doubts are almost negligible if faculty is senior and experienced. His/her explanation is usually good and almost every student understands what the faculty wants to convey. Even though if you have any doubt you can ask in class break. Normally I keep 5 min break after every 30 minutes so that students can ask their doubts (if any). As far as problem doubt is concerned, solutions are available (or provided) of all assignments and tests given in the class. First of all, you see the solutions.
Still if you have any doubts then those will be taken in doubt class which are fixed at regular intervals. As far as general doubts are concerned, most of them have been covered in this FAQ section or at some other place on the website. In class also I keep on explaining the right strategy time to time.

I do not teach to impress the students. I teach what is asked in competitions. 95% problems of any competition are logical and simple to tough. Only 5% problems are very complex and illogical. And every year these 5% problems are entirely different which you can only crack by your good luck in that particular day, your Physics IQ level and if you are very confident in remaining 95%. So my focus is always on that 95%. I always start from zero level in any topic and slowly touch the top level of that 95% at right time. Right level of questions at right time is very important. If you attend my all classes (from first to last) all level of questions will automatically come at right time. Also remember that simple topics/problems are also very important. In any exam 10-15 % problems are very simple. In the lust of only and only tough problems we generally ignore these simple problems. This is a big mistake.

No. Your 100% focus should be on our lectures, assignments and tests given by us.

Too many tests disturb your routine studies. Until your course is complete and it is on your finger tips don’t write too many tests. First you try to learn the subject and try to keep it in your mind. Once course is complete and whole course is on your finger tips you can increase test frequency. This is the reason why we have fixed only one monthly test on our time table until course is complete. There is one more drawback of writing too many tests. Most of the tests available in the market are usually not balanced or don’t synchronise your syllabus or sometimes some irrelevant questions are put in the test which demoralizes us. This is very awfully wrong. We have to keep our moral very high during the preparation. Every paper should be balanced .

(i)    Attend all my classes from first day to last day till our last class is over.
(ii) In live mode join the class 5 minutes before. Don’t be late in the class. Each and every second of class is very important
(iii) Listen each and every word with 100% concentration and see what I am writing. Sometimes there may be some mistakes from my side while writing some text.  Just ignore them and correct it on your own.
(iv) Problems taken in the class are case examples. They are very important. So      those examples, theory (conceptually) and formula list should always be on  your finger tips.

Never think about the results or ranks. You focus on your studies. By thinking about the results, rank never improves. If you listen and follow each and every word of mine religiously I assure you, your best (as per your god gifted talent/Calibre in Physics) will come out (in Physics). Five fingers are never equal. This is a fact and accept it. Role of coaching or a good educator is to reach you up to your best. Let us take an example of 500 rank in any competition. There are at least 1000 students who have a calibre to secure 500 rank. But only one student will secure 500 rank. It means 999 students have chosen some wrong strategy. Trust me if you deserve 500 rank you will get that rank, if you deserve 1st rank you will get that rank provided you follow my strategy and complete your targets given by me on time. Trust me 90% students who strictly follow my 100% instructions secure maximum (or equal) percentile in Physics as compared to other two subjects.

(i)    They keep on wandering here and there in search of faculty of their taste
(ii)    They are not 100% attentive in the class
(iii)    They are not consistent in their studies. You study for 2-3 hours daily, no problem. But it should be consistent throughout the year.
(iv)    They directly want to hit the top level of exam (like top ranks in JEE or NEET). Reach up to the top level step by step. For example, in JEE: first target to clear JEE-Mains with good percentile. Once this is confirmed, try for 8-9 K rank in JEE Advanced. Once this is confirmed try for 1-2K rank in advance and once this is also confirmed then finally try for top ranks.
(v)    Be honest about your real calibre. I have seen many students who don’t even qualify JEE Mains but they talk about 1st Rank in IIT. They watch the videos of 1st Rank holders. Top rankers are god gifted exceptionally good and very limited in numbers. They can complete a lot of books in two years. But most of the students are normal and for them it’s very difficult to complete even single book in each subject. So fix your realistic targets as per your calibre. Unfortunately, most of the educators also give first rank injection to all students. At least I don’t do that. If you have calibre of first rank, then after attending my all lectures in systematic manner you will definitely get that rank. After completing the targets given by me I will automatically increase    your  dose in due course of time. But not to all students.
(vi)        They are impatient. Since competition questions are entirely different and difficult from schools. So in the beginning they don’t score good in coaching. Then they start searching some new teacher. As I said earlier also, attend all classes from day one to last with 100% concentration. Complete your assignments on time. Keep on revising the notes and the problems discussed in the class. Remain always cool. Don’t think about the results. Keep patience. Then just before two-three months of exams you will see that your best has come. Now this best is different for different students which may vary from Rank-1 to Rank 10 Lakh. Your best depends upon your god gifted talent (in PCM or PCB, otherwise every child is special and total talent in all human beings is almost constant. It’s a different matter that sometimes in whole of our life we can’t find our real talent and we suppose that we are born untalented). I never claim that after taking my classes you will secure rank-1. You will get your best if you follow each and every point given by me on website or in class.

No I teach only for IIT-JEE and NEET exams. But basic theory is more or less same for all. So you can practice some extra problems from some other sources specially written for these competitions.

If you honestly feel that you are very hard working and god gifted talented (in PCM/PCB). Then only prepare for these competitions. Otherwise be focused in one target.

It’s common for almost all students. If you select a proper school as discussed above, then this problem is solved up to a certain extent. In online classes you can make your own time table. When school load is high you can reduce your coaching load. In holidays you can cover up your coaching backlog. So consistency and good management has very important role to tackle with this problem.

No doubt competition is tough. But it is tough for all. You have two choices: either you relax in these two years and then keep on struggling for whole life or you work hard in these two years and relax for rest of the life. If you follow all instructions discussed in this section, there are very high chances that you will get admission in a good college. As far as less score in coaching tests is concerned. This is also true and it’s also a common factor. 11th or 12th syllabus is 10 times tougher than 10th syllabus and competition syllabus is further 10 times harder. So it takes times.
Always remember that Rome was not built in a day. Never expect very high score in competition tests (except few who are only 1%) like you score in your schools.

Some educators ask their students to complete their daily targets in a fixed time. For example, 30 questions in one hour. I have some different opinion in this. If you are solving a problem at home at your time, first read the question properly, think over it, make concepts from it and then solve it. If you try to solve a problem in a given time, then your main focus is to get the answer. By doing this you don’t learn from the problem much. So during the course every problem is a research work for you. So don’t think about the time you have consumed in solving a problem. Once your course is complete and everything is in your finger tips then it’s OK. Now you can solve problem by fixing time.

If you know the subject, then it hardly matters in which format questions are framed. So don’t think about that. If the paper is tough, then it is tough for all. Merit will automatically come down. A good mental state is very important in any exam. So be prepared for the toughest paper you have ever seen in your life. If the paper is tough, then try to attempt only those questions where you are very confident. Even in low score you will be selected or secure a good rank. Always enter in the examination hall with a mentality that you are going to face a very tough paper and luckily if the paper actually comes tough then other students will get demotivated and since you are mentally prepared for a tough paper and you have decided to remain cool in the examination hall, so you will definitely take edge over other students. Sometimes it also happens that you can’t solve initial 10-15 problems. In such situation I have seen that most of the students get demotivated. Keep patience. If you have prepared well then you will definitely get some simple questions too. If you are cool, then you will take your selection from these questions and if you have lost your patience then you can’t solve these simple questions too.

Though it varies student to student. My call in this point is: in every examination 10-25% problems are always very simple. So irrespective of subject in first 45 minutes or 1 hour, try to finish these simple questions of all subjects at a stretch. This strategy has two benefits: (i) Your confidence level goes up when you solve 10- 25% questions and you have put your first step towards selection. (ii) You have gone through the whole paper. So now you know which part is easy, moderate or tough. Now in second round you can select the subject as per your choice or according to level of toughness.

As I said earlier also five fingers are never equal. Different students have different threshold. If you can study for 4 hours, don’t try to stretch it to 8 or 12 hours. Check your real threshold honestly. Maximum stretch of 1.25 times of your threshold is permissible. If you increase 2-3 times, then your productivity will reduce. You will be tired every time. Rather you try to improve your efficiency/productivity in same time and this can be improved by good management skills. Be systematic. Your productivity will definitely increase. Let us take one example: one student can study for 10 hours but he/she is mismanaged. He/She has purchased 3-4 books of each subject. He/She discusses with too many friends and faculties of same subject. He/She writes all tests haphazardly. On the other hand, second student can study only for 4 hours but he/she is very systematic.
Then obviously second student will do better.

Take sound sleep of 6-8 hours a day. You can sleep 6.5 hours at night and (if possible) then 1.5 hours in day time and divide your whole day in two parts. First half and second half. By taking a nap at around 2 o’clock in day time our efficiency for second half gets increased.

Don’t study by keeping watch in front of you. Start reading without fixing any time. Stop reading when you are tired. In rest time also don’t think about the time. If you are honest then you will further start reading when you are recharged. And if you are dishonest then obviously your selection is also very difficult.

It’s a common phenomenon which happens with almost 90% students. During a period of two or sometimes three to four years, mood swings like sine graph. It is not always straight line graph. So don’t be scared. Take a mental rest. Spend time with family when you are feeling low. After few days you will feel that everything is fine.

You can only work hard. Result is never in your hand. So never think about the result. Try to give your best and maximum. This best and maximum is again different for different students. So don’t compare with others. Keep competition with only yourself. One single exam can never decide your whole life. If you are hard working, consistent in your work, take your failures as new learning and challenge of life and start with more energy, don’t repeat same mistakes again and again, moderate to highly talented (in the field you have chosen), well managed, soft spoken and down to earth then there are very high chances that you will be definitely successful in your life.

No we do not provide tuitions of other classes but we have tied up with other faculties of Mathematics & Chemistry . In Mathematics we have tie up with Prafull Sir and in Chemistry Sanjay Sharma Sir. As per our knowledge they are one of the best faculties in their subjects, yet we do not guarantee this. It’s solely your responsibility to check their qualification, knowledge, teaching style and system.  So before joining any subject you should do a lot of complete home work, as it’s a matter of your future

Any coaching institute can never guarantee for any result. An experienced well educated and good teacher should complete the whole syllabus (in simple and systematic manner) on time by giving proper time for revision. It’s purely your responsibility to convert that knowledge into the result.